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Race Day is August 5, 2023

August 5, 2023, the First Saturday in August, we will be back at Lake Arvesta Farms LLC. for our 5K Obsticle Course; Individual, Team, Mud-Free and 1K Fun runs

We are back to serve our community. We have had lots of changes over the past few years, the world has suffered a Pandemic, our committe is evolving as board members have stepped back for health reasons, Lake Arvestia Farms LLC is OPEN to the public, and we are now our own non-profit entity, Christian Family Events. 

With all the changes, our mission has stayed the same, “To Support Ministries that Support Others”.  With our first 5 events being able to donate in excess of $7,000 to multiple missions serving youth, seniors and the disadvantaged in our community. With your participation our ability to bless others grows.

Thank You!