CUMC Rules and Conditions

Race Rules for All Divisions:

  1. Participants should be clothed appropriately for this extreme athletic activity.
  2. Shoes are required. Shoes that cover the ankle are suggested as there will be genuine mud (not just muddy water) that will suck your shoes right off if they are not secured.
  3. All participants must wear their number bib on their front where the timing traps will sense it and the numbers can be clearly seen.
  4. Jump feet first only! Never dive head first into any obstacle on the course for safety.
  5. Listen to and follow all of the directions of race staff officials and volunteers on the course. Anyone failing to do so may be asked to leave the event.
  6. Wait in line. No pushing! This is a race to each obstacle. This means that if there are any lines or backups at an obstacle, you must wait in the line until your turn. With that said, we have taken significant measures to eliminate the probability of lines at the obstacles. The obstacles and course have been designed to avoid backups. Additionally, the obstacle officials have been trained to close any obstacles that are causing large delays or become dangerous.
  7. Assistance through obstacles is permitted by other participants and teammates.
  8. No hostile contact or interference with other participants or teams will be permitted.
  9. No profanity, lewd behavior, nudity or inappropriate attire as judged by race staff at this 'Family Friendly' event. Children as young as 6 years old will be participating. Violators will be immediately removed from the event.
  10. Portable restrooms are provided near the starting line and strategically placed throughout. Relieving oneself anywhere else on the property is strictly prohibited!
  11. Supervise children when they are not participating in the event. The in-sight rule does apply.
  12. The Mud Run will be video recorded and photographed. All participants agree to allow their image to be used for future promotions.
  13. Tailgating and alcohol are prohibited at this 'Family Friendly' event.
  14. No pets are allowed at the Casco Ultimate Mud Challenge except for trained service dogs.
  15. Medical personnel will be on site and have the right to examine anyone who may need medical attention. At the sole discretion of medical personal, for safety reasons, individuals may be removed from competition.

Mud Run Rules for Competitive Category Only:

  1. Team time will be determined by calculating the average of all team members' times. Teams do not have to stay together or cross the finish line together.
  2. All participants must attempt each obstacle. 
  3. The timing official will resolve any timing issues. Timing problems and protests must be presented within 15 minutes of the unofficial results being posted in each race. Problems and protests presented after this period may not be addressed in time for the award ceremony.
  4. Race officials reserve the right to alter any of these rules at any time due to safety concerns or fairness issues.

If you have any questions about the race rules, please speak with a race official on-site.

Casco's Ultimate Mud Challenge TEAMS:

CUMC Race Team - consist of a minimum of 4 runners, with no maximum. So get your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, sports team, or church group together and form a Casco's Ultimate Mud Challenge Team.

Team Registration:
For the Team Race at the Casco's Ultimate Mud Challenge a minimum of 4 team members must register together to create a team. All team members registering at that time will receive a $5 discount off the current price of registration. Additional team members may be added at at later date but they will not receive the Team Registration discount.

The Team Run is a timed event. Each team member will receive a timing chip. The team's time will be determined by taking an average of all the team members' times. All team members must finish to qualify for awards. If a team member does not finish, the team-mate who does not finish will be assigned a finish time of 60 minutes. This is so we can post a team time (not eligible for awards).

Team Names:
Come up with a name for your team that's fun and has meaning for your group. Remember, this is a 'Family Friendly' event so please keep your team name appropriate. If another team has already registered the same team name, the team captain will be notified and have two options. They can choose to change the name, or use that team name with a number behind it that we will assign based on the order in which the team name was registered.

Costumes: “Best Dressed Competition”
Take your Casco's Ultimate Mud Challenge experience to the next level by having a Team Theme. Display it with the most Creative and Original Costumes. This is a competition to see which team shows the most team spirit through what they are dressed as. The Best Dressed wins a prize, so break out the costumes and let the competition begin! (Again, please keep your costume design appropriate for this 'Family Friendly' event with young children.)