Team Sign-Up

Team CAPTAIN and TEAM NAME Registration for the Casco's Ultimate Mud Challenge:

1. The team captain should be the first person of the team to sign up and is responisble for creating the team name.
2. Your first and last name will be used as the team captian's name.
3. When registering the team name, this will register you for the event.
4. Email your family and friends with your team name and encourage them to sign up.

Team MEMBER Registration for the Casco's Ultimate Mud Challenge:

1. Verify your team and captain's name by clicking here.
2. Click on Team MEMBER Registration
3. If your team name does not appear, type UNKNOWN in the Team name field.
3. Complete registration form.
4. Once your captain has registered your team name, email to assign you to the appropriate team.

Event Registration

Below is a list of all events that are currently open for registration. Click on the event name to proceed.
There are currently no events setup for registration.

Team Rules and Reminders

CUMC Race Team consist of a minimum of 4 runners, with no maximum. So get your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, sports team, or church group together and form a Casco's Ultimate Mud Challenge Team.

Team Names:
Come up with a name for your team that's fun and has meaning for your group. Remember, this is a 'Family Friendly' event so please keep your team name appropriate. If another team has already registered the same team name, the team captain will be notified and have two options. They can choose to change the name, or use that team name with a number behind it that we will assign based on the order in which the team name was registered.

Costumes: “Best Dressed Competition”
Take your Casco's Ultimate Mud Challenge experience to the next level by having a Team Theme. Display it with the most Creative and Original Costumes. This is a competition to see which team shows the most team spirit through what they are dressed as. The Best Dressed wins a prize, so break out the costumes and let the competition begin! (Again, please keep your costume design appropriate for this 'Family Friendly' event with young children.)